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state-of-the-art, built and fitted with the latest technology

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More than 30 years ago, H.Essers became the first Belgian company to provide integrated logistics services in combination with its own transport activities. To this day, this combination remains one of our company’s major assets.

Largest logistics player and market leader in dangerous goods

With a logistical capacity of over 950,000 m², H.Essers is the largest player in Belgium. It is the only Belgian company with two warehouses with a high Seveso threshold level and three warehouses with a low Seveso threshold level. This makes H.Essers the market leader in dangerous goods logistics, next to the company’s leadership in markets as pharma, healthcare and dangerous goods.

State-of-the-art fully-equipped warehouses

All H.Essers warehouses are state-of-the-art, built and fitted with the latest technology. They have a minimum height of 10 metres, a 1000 m² bay and are fitted with ESFR sprinklers, RF/modern handling equipment and tailor-made computerised systems for paperless warehousing.

H.Essers offers its clients both dedicated and non-dedicated warehousing capacity, depending on the volume and risk, in order to ensure optimum cost management. H.Essers also has specially equipped warehouses at its disposal that include:

  • Temperature controlled
  • Seveso standardised
  • High-security warehouses
  • Conditioned for relative humidity
  • Clean Room facilities
  • Various storage systems
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Each logistics facility has sufficient capacity for expansion and overflow. Our asset-based strategy ensures short decision lines that enable us to respond quickly to your needs.

Women Head Head FS12 Dream Women Women FS12 FS12 FS12 Dream Head Women Dream Head Dream On-site Logistics

H.Essers offers logistics services that need to be performed on the client’s site itself.
This can range from warehousing, to internal transport or other logistical services such as planning, value added services …
These activities can be equipped with own H.Essers staff or staff of the establishment itself. Good arrangements about this has to be made in advance.
It is also possible to implement our own warehouse management systems (WMS) on-site and advice on quality, safety and environmental issues.

WMS system developed in-house

The entire organisation and control of H.Essers warehouses is based on the proprietary Warehouse Management System (WMS), which is supported by Radio Frequency Data Control. Our system can easily be integrated into your own systems and adapted to your needs.

Our proprietary WMS ensures our clients will have access to an optimum planning schedule and have full real-time control tailored to their specific supply chain.

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